Monday, May 26, 2008

Closure, of a sort

The text exists on-line in multiple forms.

a) serially here (no longer the most up-to-date version, rife with problems of various sorts.)
b) Here, at the Internet Archive (free download, uploaded by a courteous reader)
c) At Scribd, which is where I first uploaded it, before I knew you needed to be a member to download things. I will probably remove this soon; I didn't really want to sign up myself.

Typos, I'm sure, are present. We'll see how many of them get teased out.

[original post has been edited repeatedly; I've also gone back and deleted a few wheedling, non-essential posts put up when I was procrastinating on the final release.]

I shall post here at least once more, as there are plans. This is not the end.

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