Friday, January 18, 2008

Fables on Civil War

Civil War
     Hurrah! We shall exterminate each other in the name of the nation!

     Three hundred thousand politics opponents dead? Lord, this is a beautiful national success!

National Success
     Our heroic Foreign Legion has struck at the head of the cowardly hordes that are our domestic enemies.

A Page out of History
     …national honor was defended by foreign soldiers with foreign money.

     Don't spill your blood for foreigners! Wage war at home!

New Map
     Write this over the whole map: Here lie the lowly betrayers of the nation.

     The nation is those who fight under our command.

     Soldiers, you have done all you could for the greatness of our country. You're halfway there.

Before Battle
     Soldiers, fire at your own brothers. Our homeland is watching.

The Conquering Hero
     Let it all be ruined so long as it is mine.

Situational Report
     Our victory is not yet complete. The majority of our citizens have not yet been killed.

News from the Battlefield
     Our cannons have succeeded in leaving our capital city in ruins.

A Question of Law
     The legal government is the one with the artillery advantage.

A Good Shot
     ...succeeded in setting fire to a hospital.

Ordre du Jour
     Hack them! You can hit your own every time.

Military Principle
     To defeat an enemy means to bludgeon him until he is dead.

Appeal to the Besieged
     You fight in vain. We appeal to you to simply let us execute you instead.

The Battle Won
     Our troops have achieved a splendid victory over three hundred executed men.

     Praise be to God that no international laws can hinder us now.

     The laws of human decency? That is interference into our internal affairs!

     Now this I call war!

     I am entirely satisfied. Here they take no prisoners.

La Muerte
     I work for the nation too.

The Last Volley
     With one well-aimed blow the whole universe has come down on the heads of our domestic enemies.

LN, 22 November 1936

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