Thursday, January 10, 2008


Fundamental Disagreements
     Driver: That guy on foot is milling around like a sheep.
     Pedestrian: That beastly man drives like a maniac.

     I wonder how anyone could keep pigeons.

     Spring is coming? Man, you're an optimist!

National Economy
     Grease Manufacturer: I know why a recession has struck. Not enough people are selling grease.
     Cement Vendor: Not at all. It's because cement has fallen in value.

     What poverty! I have just given a beggar a penny.

     I don't do it for myself, but for money.

     What if it were to happen that someone else wanted to work in the field in which I strive so lovingly and productively!

     What you cannot accomplish yourself, at least spoil it for the other guy!

     Only our nation honors our great and heroic nation. All the others are just murderers, cowards, sell-outs and villains.

     Their natural strengths will henceforth be commanded by me. I command everyone over this cliff!

     The prosperity of the state? It is either that which helps us, or that which harms another.

Speech to the Troops
     Don't even say those on the other side are people. Call them enemies or criminals instead.

     The ignorant rabble thinks I am leading them, but it is they who lead me.

Authoritarian Government
     I command you to do what I want, but I command you because it is what you want.

     War is purely a matter of guts. The purpose of war is for a nation to realize its strength.

Tyrant and Philosophers
     I shall do things and you will find their justifications.

     He was sent from Allah to lead us.

The Mobs
     Why are we shouting his praises? Because his glory is our glory.

     To obey is to have a share in the power of one's master.

One of the Conformed
     It is such a fabulous feeling, that I am also We.

Looter of the Slain
     Glory! We have won!

Civil War
     Fire away! The law is on the side of he who has cannons.

Benevolent in Victory
     I take no vengeance. As I shot him, I forgave him for defending himself.

Master Executioner
     And no one ever says that I am a hero.

LN, 11 March 1934

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