Friday, January 11, 2008


     Those poor inferior planets, which revolve around other stars!

     You should see, dandelion, the damage we hurricanes wrought on Florida.

     It's just a rumor that a thousand year-old oak fell here. It's as if we young oaks weren't even here!

Paper in the Whirlwind
     Hooray! Let's go uproot some trees!

The Letter E
     Abolishing all the other letters and leaving only E: then we'd have some poems!

Molecule in a Flash Flood
     I'll come along.

     So, I've decided upon a new course.

Wave in the Current
     Look at how many of them are behind me!

Dust in a Cyclone
     Make way for me, trees! I'm flying now!

Wet Sheet
     The great Flood? That's just what happened here.

     …for example, having antlers on one's head is obvious nonsense.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
     How could anyone be a large tortoiseshell?

     Nectar? Nectar? That I do not eat on principle.

The Aesthetic Tulip
     Ick! Who was talking about mud!

Pearls Before Swine
     Ew! Look what they've gone and mucked up my slop with!

Mentality of the Flock
     Will we stick together? Not at all. We only stick with our flock.

     You call that a great tree? Look, one of its branches is dead!

     I am just a silent laborer.

     I made that creak!

Worm in the Grave
     It's only fair that the succession now falls on me.

     Terrible conditions, these. One of ours cannot even make a proper stink.

Broken Mug
     I say the times aren't what they used to be.

Crack in the Wall
     What do I want to be? A much larger crack.

Stone in the Path
     Do I obstruct? That is my duty.

A Stone Has Crumbled In the Mountains
     So you see. So you see. The mountains will end up like this too!

LN, 24 June, 1934

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