Saturday, January 5, 2008


An Educated Caterpillar
     Haha--I'll become a butterfly? Old wives' tales, sir. Mere illusions. Fairy tales for children. It has been scientifically determined that there are only innards in us caterpillars, and no wings. No colored wings. One passes and that's the end.

Stink Bug
I, sir, can be happy with my children. They are healthy and talented, they know their way in the world, and finally, they stink. Praise God, you'll never lose one of 'em.

Phone Book
Poems! Such a thin little pamphlet. And this they also call a book? Please!

Old Relic
Oh, well, in my youth, they were different times. Back then, we ashes grew to the sky. And the grass? Back then, the grass grew taller than I am now...Mind you, that was grass. But nowadays!

Dandelion Seed
     I'm flying! I'm soaring! I'm ascending to the clouds! I finally know why I was put on this earth!

Head Louse
     What is underneath us, far down and deep where our probosces do not reach? Nothing. Only stone. Unliving and useless matter.

     There is one natural law. One morality. One wisdom: Be firm!

     Ants are rabble. For example, they don't even believe in the Great Gastropod that created the earth!

     I'm just a piece of pottery? Me? Look at what I've grown!

     It's still not day. I haven't said so yet.

Rusty Nail
     Haha, I got him right in the foot! And he still calls me useless!

     Good perspective: for that one must grow tall.

     Oh, sure, the nightingale! There's more of us sparrows!

     And why don't they say "lofty stump" too?

     If only I had wings! Then, young man, I'd come across differently!

     Everything living is divided into three parts: enemies, competition, and prey.

     What, cruelty? The struggle for existence, sir, is always legal.

     Well, I'd just like to know...if there are millipedes on other planets.

     I have not lived in vain... I leave behind me an array of descendants... And all bedbugs! Bedbugs, every one!

     Lofty tree, bah! Wait and see what will become of me in five hundred years!

     There are three kinds of creatures: dormice, animals, and plants.

     I smell nice? I attract insects? Ah, you see, I know nothing about this!

     Progress? Naturally, there is progress. For example, I used to be a mere tadpole.

Important Fly
     Haven't you heard? That's the fly who sat on the crown of a king!

LN 19 June 1932


Jonathan K. Cohen said...

Should that be "Dormouse" rather than "Doormouse"? I've always seen the plural as "Dormice".

Andrew said...

Yes it should! Thanks.