Wednesday, January 16, 2008


     Hooray! We mountains are on the march!

Aphid Eulogy
     He was an upstanding aphid. He had the greatest stench of all.

     So that's the end of wars. I have just added my signature to the protest against warfare.

International Agreement
     We rabbits have settled an agreement with the chickens that we will not devour each other. Now we shall see what the crane will say to that.

     Fifty cities destroyed! What a sensational success!

     Well, if we got along with the wolves, there'd be peace on this earth.

Fox in the Henhouse
     Well, that egg gave me such impudent provocation!

     That ram had malicious intentions. Trying to hide himself from me.

Flock of Sheep
     If we don't defend ourselves, at least the wolf will eat his fill quicker.

     Look, the cat caught a sparrow! Now we mice have nothing to fear any more.

     You know there must be an awful lot of chirping to make it spring.

Undated manuscript

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