Sunday, January 6, 2008


Log in the Water
     Will that trout tell me how one is supposed to swim? That half-wit! Why, he's going against the current!

     A hundred year-old turtle? How can something be so terribly fossilized?

     Winter? I survived that a long time ago.

     Hm, birds. Such relics! I cannot comprehend how anyone can be a bird.

     Is the lark right? Out of the question. There is only one truth and that is the sparrow's.

     For example the straight line is unsound, because it is not a spiral.

Hood Ornament
     It's me who's steering the car. I'm driving.

Sedimentary Rock
     We don't recognize the existence of any crystal quartz.

     Is this garden abandoned? I wouldn't say so.

     Do you see those flyspecks on the picture frame? That is my work, sir. I too am a painter.

     No living thing can survive in the air.

Scrap in the wind
     Up and away! Now we can fly!

The Qualified Caterpillar
     Botany? That's my field.

     I've honed myself mentally to attain gravel-hood.

     Fie! Such serious times--that cherry should be ashamed to bloom so!

One in an Anthill
     I've already got it. The twentieth century demands collectivity.

Flea in a Dog's Fur
     We've paid off the neighbor's dog Vořech, right?

Stink Bug
     Just so you know, I reek in the name of all stink bugs.

Dried Leaf
     The imperative of the times? We know what it is: to rustle in the wind.

     You're all slaves to matter. Only I am free. And the clouds.

Laundry on the Line
     I am a banner and I wave! Behind me, men! Into battle!

     Am I mineral? Animal? What an existential problem!

Dried Mud
     Only the hard stone will prevail. And I am stone too.

     I too go with the times.

LN 9 April 1933


Jonathan K. Cohen said...

"I already now"? (One in an anthill.) Is this correct?

Andrew said...

It was to have been "know." I then went back and tweaked it further.

Still, close reading is wonderful. Many thanks.