Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boing Boinged. (And Language Hatted!)

Wow. Greetings to anybody who's coming here from Boing Boing or Language Hat.

Oh, where to start? Obviously, this is my page for the unfoldment of Fables and Understories, a posthumous collection of Karel Capek short pieces. I plan on updating it until it's done. I do plan on releasing my work under some sort of CC license and updating the text's accessibility (one file, .pdf, etc); I need to do some research first. Ooo, and prepare footnotes, which are harder to employ in a blog post.

You are humbly invited to come along for the ride.

Please feel free to get in touch with me--mercilessly (if politely!) targeting my weaknesses can only, in fact, make me stronger. I may have tossed some stuff up here without a third or fourth pass, and the more eyes the merrier!

Thanks for your comments. It's obvious that Capek loves his work, and I love the task of trying to convey it to an English-reading audience!


fhundt said...

I am so thankful you are translating Capek's work! I was very influenced by RUR and the other pieces available in English. I was thrilled to read "The Libertine." Keep it up; I can't wait to read everything else!

Atall said...

Favorited on the spot

Dominik Lukeš said...

Great job! Now, you've been Bohemica'd, as well ( (Although, the impact is certainly not comparable.)